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Nutritional Balancing Success

Nutritional Balancing Success

This page features success stories from people using the Nutritional Balancing program.

I am not a service provider. I am just someone who has been on the program for a couple of years and seeing people getting better ... including myself.

There are two labs that offer the Nutritional Balancing program. The labs are:

  • ARL (Analytical Research Laboratories)
  • TEI (Trace Elements Inc)

There are debates about which lab / protocol is best.

We like to believe that what we are doing is the best approach. We tend to get tribal about our protocol.

But .. I have seen people do well with both TEI and ARL. I used TEI for 9 months. Then I switched to a practitioner who trained under Dr. Larry Wilson (who uses ARL).

I clearly had copper toxicity issues, and Larry Wilson's protocol tends to go after the toxins more aggressively. Some people like this .... some don't. and Facebook

The following are posts from forums on There is an adrenal fatigue forum, as well as a Nutritional Balancing Forum.

I've only included posts from people that have been on the forums for a long time. People that have some credibility.

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Not everyone has success with it. But it has a higher batting average than any other adrenal fatigue treatment protocol I have seen.

There is also a great update from a Facebook group I belong to.

The following post is from user name anonalon. She has been hanging around the curezone forums for almost 10-years .... so she has a lot of credibility. She is working with TEI.

  Nutritional balancing is making quite a difference for me. I think I'm about 7 months in total with the supplements. I can now tolerate Iodine because of this program which is also making a very big difference. Progesterone cream is also helping, but I'm a female. I've got about 9 years posting on this forum if you want to look back through my history on here, though I rarely post anymore. 2

Here is a quote from a lady on Pam Killeens' facebook group (I work with Pam as well). Pam trained under Dr.Larry Wilson and uses ARL:

nutritional balance success
 A couple of hours ago I talked to Pam to go over my latest retest. I can't believe the difference from where I started, almost 3 years ago. When I started I was exhausted and desperate for answers. I was consistently gaining weight, had awful insomnia, I was angry, overreacting to everything, so emotional and just mentally & physically depleted. I had tried everything I knew in order to get well & I didn't know what to do next. A friend recommended I talk to Pam, and I signed up for her program a couple of days later. It's been a rough road! I've felt much worse at times, gone through awful detox, but, as Pam always says, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I saw gradual improvements, and glimpses of feeling good, throughout, but it was about 2 years in when I started to feel consistently better. Now, I have way more good days than bad, I'm sleeping better than ever, I'm losing weight, emotionally stable, back to being more social to where I actually look forward to going out. I'm definitely happier, I don't react to things like I was doing, I feel like I'm back to my old self - but an improved, wiser version haha. All of this, plus people notice the difference, my skin is glowing, my hair is thicker, someone even told me my teeth look good. My digestion is improved, I have consistent energy, I usually wake up feeling rested. I say all of this in the hope of giving you some encouragement if you need it. This is a tough program but it does work!! Listen to Pam, follow your program, come here for support and stick with it. I promise it gets easier & the results are so worth it!

You will notice that this is a slow program, and difficult. But quick fixes don't work.

The program is working on removing toxins that have accumulated from years of stress, and mineral deficiencies that have developed from years of stress. This takes time.

Below is a post from username hope4myadrenals. As of 2014, she has been hanging around the adrenal fatigue forum for about 4 years. She has tried everything. She got much worse on Dr Lams program for adrenal fatigue. She is using ARL, and a practitioner trained by Dr Larry Wilson:

  I used to have so many cupboards full of supplements before I started NB. I'm spending less money on NB than I did in the past when I was tinkering around and buying something for every little symptom.

Just thought I would mention that I'm improving on NB myself. A year ago at this time, I was pretty sick, and housebound. Things have changed dramatically, even though it has been slow going, and things shift in cycles often.

I recently did my fourth hair test, and have had major shifts each test, even without doing CE or sauna. More energy, less nausea, less IBS, increased stress tolerance, less dizziness.

I don't get online much here to report progress, as I am busy enjoying time spent not being as sick, such a novel experience, LOL.

I do notice that the NB Facebook group is chock full of people that are improving, and I post there a lot because responses are quick and plentiful. I hope the overall effectiveness of NB isn't downplayed by a lack of representation here, which is why I decided to do a quick post here. I do have a loyalty to this wonderful forum, since I found out about NB on curezone originally (on the AF forum, before this forum started).

It is interesting that she is doing so well without the coffee enemas. I found that coffee enemas really reduce detox symptoms.

Here is another post from hope4myadrenals:

  During my first 4 months on NB, I only took fractions of what I was meant to take. In all, I took just one out of 3 doses per day. Also, I was supposed to take glandulars (Thyro Complex and Endo Dren) but each gave me anxiety, so I didn't take them. I also haven't started CE's or the sauna yet.

As far as noticing improvements, I don't have the startle reflex that I had for several years. Most improvements are very subtle. I used to have migraines, tension headaches, and fibromylagia pains every day for 6 months solid, with pain that wasn't touched at all by OTC's. That has improved. Now I get a headache once every 2-3 weeks, and OTC's take it away.

Brain fog has started to diminish. I generally wake up with excellent energy, refreshed and with a clear head now, whereas the last few years I would wake up groggy feeling like a 90 year old sick woman. I used to not "wake up" till afternoon.

Energy, digestion, and anxiety are very slowly improving. Improvements come and go, up and down constantly.

I was very sick last year, and couldn't leave the house. Now I can leave the house, and can even go to doctor appointments, something I couldn't do before. I'm glad to have found NB because now I finally know what exactly is wrong with me, and I don't have to do any guesswork. It takes a lot of pressure off of me. I've heard so many stories of recovery on NB, not to mention my own slow and steady improvements. I'm so glad to be on this program, and moving forward.

Here is a post from Marie64. She had been around the adrenal fatigue forum for a long time. She worked with ARL for a while, and then switch to TEI.

  I am doing lots better since doing NB (Nutritional Balancing). I suffer no more stress, anxieties are about 98 % heal if not better then that.

I have just recently dumped lots of aluminum and this brought back my menstrual cycle after it being gone 2 year. Sleep in not an issue for me anymore. 4

Here is a quote from Ruffneck, is working with TEI.

  Well i was getting 2-3 hours sleep per night, food intolerances, anxiety, brain fog, tingling sensation in arms. All these symptoms have improved quite markedly apart from brain fog. 5

Here is a quote from Onwards. She worked with TEI.

  Welcome easanchez! It is nice to have you here on the forum. NB is a great program and many are having success with it.

You can click on my avatar to read my story. I am almost completely healed and doing really well.6

The following post is from user name SeattleK. SeattleK was working with ARL.

  NB alone is probably responsible for about 50% of my recovery, and I did not even follow the program very well. I shirked and bought cheap supplements, didn't get regular hair analysis, and didn't do sauna or enemas enough.

I am so glad I did it and wish I had done a better job with it. Some periods were really really tough, I could feel myself detoxing, but it would pass and I would always feel better after. 1

And if he was supposed to do coffee enemas, he must have been working with someone who trained under Dr Larry Wilson.

The article Coffee Enemas for Adrenal Fatigue explains how helpful they are in helping with detoxification.


After years on the adrenal fatigue forum on, I have seen nothing work as well for the most severe cases like the Nutritional Balancing program.

If you find yourself running out of options ... tired of trying herbs, adaptations, etc. .. consider giving it a try.

If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
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If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
Your Symptoms
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