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Nutritional Balancing - Intro

Intro to Nutritional Balancing (NB)

I was attracted to Nutritional Balancing after seeing the success of others on the adrenal fatigue forum on

nutritional balancing for adrenal fatigue

The page Success Stories - Nutritional Balancing includes snippets from various sources showing improvements with the Nutritional Balancing program.

The Nutritional Balancing program uses hair analysis to measure toxins and minerals levels. To an experienced eye, much can be learned by looking at mineral ratios and levels.

Supplements are used to balance mineral levels, support the adrenal glands, and remove toxins that have accumulated during years of being stuck in a state of stress.

Supplements are an important part, but there is more to it.

I have been on the program since late 2011, and symptoms I have had for years are gone. Muscle weakness, chronic pelvic pain, anxiety, and many more.

Even symptoms that I didn't connect to adrenal fatigue, such as jaw pain at the dentist are gone.

Note: Hair Analysis is Accurate if the right labs are used. The real trick is interpretation.

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Your body does not eliminate toxins very well when stuck in a state of stress.

The article Copper and Adrenal Fatigue explains how copper (and other toxins) accumulate with years of chronic stress.

Once toxins accumulate, they start to be a source of stress and can be responsible for some of the symptoms.

The article Copper & Anxiety explains how elevated copper can be responsible for anxiety.

So improving your ability to clear toxins is a huge part of your recovery.

There are two camps of Nutritional Balancing. One puts more emphasis on early detoxification.

Here is a Sample Hair Analysis (one of mine), showing sky high copper, and aluminum.

Detoxification itself is a stressor. It is a bit like stirring up a hornets nest. Symptoms can actually get worse for a while as metals come out of storage.

Measuring your Status

  • They can tell status of your health

Mineral levels and mineral ratios tell them a lot about your health status.

After years and years of experience and research, both labs that offer the Nutritional Balancing program are able to tell the status of your adrenals, your level of stress and more.

Your average doctor or naturopathic doctor is not trained or experienced to interpret hair analysis. You really need to work with someone who is trained according to the research of Dr. Paul Eck, or Dr. David L. Watts. (See Brief History of NB for more information).

Test every 3 months

They generally recommend that you take another hair sample every 3 months, in order to check your status, and make adjustments if required. The supplements they recommend will change with your latest hair analysis.

It is also good to try to catch toxins being eliminated. You might see a toxic metal increase for a few months as your body eliminates it. Then it might trend back down.

Is there science behind NB?

There certainly is science behind it, but it is understood by very few people.

The article: Brief History of Nutritional Balancing provides an overview of the how the program developed.

One of the problems is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people regarding Nutritional Balancing is Dr Lawrence Wilson.

The writing style in his articles does not sound science based at all. This kept me away from the Nutritional Balancing program for many years. There is a lot of stuff on his site that turns many people off, and away from Nutritional Balancing.

It was only after seeing the improvements of others on adrenal fatigue forums that I finally gave it a shot.

But there is an incredible amount of research and clinical experience in the program. It just isn't understood by anyone who hasn't studied it.


It is a great program. It is not a fast program.

It can take a long time eliminate toxins that have accumulated over many years.

It can also take a long time to correct mineral imbalances that developed over many years.

But I have seen it help with some of the worst cases of adrenal fatigue. Cases where nothing helped them.

If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
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If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
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