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Homeopathy for Adrenal Fatigue

  • Homeopathy works....but there are risks for those with adrenal fatigue

Homeopathic remedies are very powerful, maybe too powerful for those with adrenal fatigue, especially for more advanced cases.

Like acupuncture, Homeopathy is ultimately a form of energy medicine. A Classical Homeopathic practitioner I worked with liked to call each homeopathic remedy a set of instructions.

Homeopathic remedies are essentially a set of instructions to eliminate the target symptoms. Classical Homeopathy doesn't really care what the underlying cause is.

Remedies are chosen based on the symptom profile being experienced. To a classical Homeopath, it is not proper to label a remedy as being for a certain condition.

Rather ...... the idea is to look at the entire list of symptoms experienced, and see which remedy best fits the list of symptoms.

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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The book The Field probably provides best explanation I have found. It's a great book whether or not you try homeopathy.

In a nut shell, homeopathy locks the effect of the substance in water. As noted in the book, many studies have proven that the effect of a substance is preserved in water, even if the substance is diluted to the point that not even one molecule remains.

Below is a quote from the book:

  The thirteen scientists then jointly published the results of their four-year collaboration in a 1988 edition of the highly prestigious Nature magazine, showing that if solutions of antibodies were diluted repeatedly until they no longer contained a single molecule of the antibody, they still produced a response from immune cells. 1,2

The homeopathic remedy produced a real biological response at the cell.

Homeopathy provided an instruction, but the immune cell still had to do the work..

But what if your cells are unable to handle what is asked of them?

Can You Handle the Instructions?

If homeopathic remedies are a set of you have the resources to follow the instructions?

If your adrenal fatigue is quite advanced, can you handle what homeopathy will ask your body to do?

For example, people with advanced adrenal fatigue usually cannot handle taking iodine (regular iodine, not homeopathic), even though they usually need thyroid support. Their adrenals can't handle the thyroid energy. So even though you might need thyroid support, you can't handle it. Dr. Rind has some great information on this3. I experienced this myself. I had a major crash after attempting taking iodine.

Homeopathy is going to command your cells to do certain things, but you may not be able to hande what it asks. If it stimulates thyroid activity like iodine does, will it make your adrenals worse?

Will homeopathy tell you adrenal cells to produce more adrenal hormones? This might give you more energy, but weaken your adrenals in the long run.

I believe that is what happened to me. The two times I tried homeopathy for adrenal fatigue. I felt great for a while, but experienced a major crash afterwards.

Attempt #1: Combination Homeopathy
for Adrenal Fatigue

My first attempt at using homeopathy for adrenal fatigue treatment was using what are called Combination Remedies.

Combination Remedies use several individual remedies combined into one. Combination remedies are grouped together with the goal of tackling a specific ailment. This makes them a little different than Classical Homeopathy.

I tried combinations remedies made by Theresa Dale specifically formulated for adrenal fatigue and stress.

Temporarily Cured: After about one week, I felt like my adrenal fatigue was completely cured.

I was very calm, my libido was coming back, my mood was very good. It was very exciting.

After about 3 weeks, I noticed that I started to put on muscle again. I even started skiing again that winter. I pretty much felt like my old self.

Then....after about 3 months, my legs started to feel heavy and sluggish. My anxiety came back, only worse than before. Basically, all of my symptoms came back ...... only worse.

It took me a long time to recover from this attempt.

Attempt #2: Classical Homeopathy for Adrenal Fatigue

My second attempt at using homeopathy followed a similar pattern. This time, I tried what is know as classical homeopathy, which uses only single traditional remedies.

With Classical Homeopathy, remedies are chosen based on the symptoms the person is having. The remedies are not really for any specific condition. It is the symptoms profile that is important.

I first worked with a local homeopath for several months. She is actually a teacher, so quite experienced.

Then I worked with a homeopath from She publishes articles on She is a very experienced homeopath.

Below are some of the classical homeopathic remedies I tried (the numbers indicate the potency)

  • Lycopodium Clavatum 30K, 200K
  • Lyco 6C, 9C, 12C
  • Selenium 6C, 12C
  • Staphysagria 6C, 9C
  • Argentum Nit 6C
  • Agnus Castus 6C
  • Medorium 6C, 9C, 12C

I went through the same pattern of feeling better..... followed by a crash. Only the classical Homeopathy was more intense.

After using Lycopodium Clavatum, and feeling absolutely fantastic for one week. I crashed very hard. My anxiety was so bad I could barely breathe.

New symptoms also arrived post-homeopathy. I developed a very severe stiff neck after trying homeopathy classical Homeopathy. It took almost one year for the stiff neck for go away.

Forced Energy?

My hunch is that any homeopathy remedy that attempts to eliminate the symptom of fatigue is risky for adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Hans Selye, the endoconologist that discovered adrenal fatigue in the 1930s, observed actual physical damage to the adrenal glands4.
Note: He called it the General Adaptation Syndrome. Adrenal Fatigue was coined later by Dr.James Wilson.

If homeopathy reversed adrenal damage, that would be great. But if the remedy simply instructs your adrenal glands to produce more adrenal hormones to eliminate low energy, that will probably make you worse.

Remedies that work to calm your nervous system might be helpful. If they could calm your nervous system, your adrenal glands could rest.

Mineral Remedies?

After reading the book The Field, I have been considering attempting using homeopathy to target minerals that are commonly imbalanced in adrenal fatigue.

Sodium is almost always low in those with adrenal fatigue, which is why craving salt is so common. So it might be worth attempting homeopathic sodium. One of the most vexing things with adrenal fatigue is that it doesn't matter how much sodium you consume, you don't retain it (because of low Aldosterone).

Magnesium is a mineral that is usually deficient in those with adrenal fatigue. Homeopathic magnesium might be worth trying. Magnesium is a calming mineral.

At least with the mineral remedies, I would know what the target affect is. Your cells will would react as if they were getting the mineral they are deficient in.

Although it's been almost 8 years since my last attempt at homeopathy, I do plan on attempting a couple of mineral remedies. Natrum Muriaticm (Sodium) is actually a very good symptom fit for adrenal fatigue, which makes sense. I'll update this article after I try it.


There is no question homeopathy is powerful, and can have a dramatic affect on your body.

Unfortunately, having spent years on adrenal fatigue forums, I have yet to see homeopathy successfully treat anyone with advanced adrenal fatigue.

Remedies that provide more energy may be a problem if they provide energy by stimulating your adrenal glands.

I tried combintation homeopathy and worked with two top notch classical homeopaths. They were not able to guide me through using homeopathy without making me worse. The problem may be that the remedies were essentially trying to beat a tired horse (my adrenals).

Nothing seems works for everyone, but I have seen the Nutritional Balancing Program work for very advanced cases. The program works on balancing mineral ratios and eliminating toxins. It uses hair analysis to monitor mineral and toxin levels.

Good luck whatever you try.

If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
Your Symptoms

If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
Your Symptoms

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To those that love Homeopathy

This article is attracting some negative comments from people experienced with homeopathy.

I appreciate your passion for natural treatments. This site is not

My adrenal fatigue recovery has been completely natural. I have not used presciption medications.

But just because something is natural, does not mean it is benign, especially for individuals with advanced adrenal fatigue. Many natural supplements can cause crashes.

People with advanced adrenal fatigue often crash from:

  • Herbs like Rhodiola, Maca, Ginseng
  • Some amino acids such as L-Tyrosine, L-arginine
  • Too much Magnesium (since it lowers sodium .... which is already low in adrenal fatigue)
  • Too much vitamin C
  • Even accupuncture (I have seen people crash from having an accupuncturist focus on increasing their energy, which resulted in an adrenal crash)
  • The wrong type of massage. Deep tissue machine can release too many toxins, and after years of chronic stress, people with advanced adrenal fatigue have reduced bile flow ... so they can't clear the toxins released by deep tissue massage.

I am certainly not as experienced as some of the homeopaths commenting on this article. But I do understand advanced adrenal fatigue.

I have been researching adrenal fatigue non-stop since 2003, and participating on various forums has helped me to learn what other have tried.

I tried homeopathy for two solid years, working with reputable individuals. Despite temporary wonderful improvement,it only made me worse in the long run. Whatever homeopathy did to eliminate the target symptoms ..... it took a great toll on me.

Believe me, I wanted it to work. I first tried combination remedies specifically formulated for adrenal and thyroid problems. Then I tried classical homeopathy, with two experienced practitioners.

I am simply relaying my experience. This article is not for you. It is for people suffering from advanced adrenal fatigue ... like I did.

I completely understand how it is maddening to hear information counter to our beliefs. We all react that way.

I certainly do it. Lord knows I have been involved in several arguments on forums when someone comments negatively on something I believe in.

Keep using your knowledge to help people that are sick. That is what I am attempting to do as well. It's just that we disagree with one treatment method for adrenal fatigue.

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