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Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

  • Be Vigilant against Stimulants!

People usually try many herbs for adrenal fatigue. Some herbs can backfire, especially for more severe cases.

Especially early on the journey to understand adrenal fatigue, you are looking for anything that will provide them with more energy.

You may not want to hear this, but looking for for herbs to give you more energy is not going to give your adrenals the rest that they need.

It's like having a tired horse pulling your buggy. Let's say the horse has sore joints and stress fractures. If you whip the horse and force it to keep pulling, it won't recover and will be worse in the long run.

It is much better to use herbs and supplements that calm your nervous system.


Ashwagandha is one of the better herbs for adrenal fatigue.

It can help with anxiety and insmonia. There is some risk of tolerance and withdrawal.

But overall, it's a pretty safe herb to try. And it get's closer to root cause of anxiety and insomnia than most other herbs.

See the article Ashwagandha for AF for more information.


Ginseng is one of the herbs that can backfire with adrenal fatigue, especially advanced cases.

The article Ginseng for AF explains how it acts both as a stimulant, as well as an anti-stress herb.

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Holy Basil

Holy Basil is also a fairly good herb for adrenal fatigue. It is one that tends to calm your nervous system.

There are some cautions for those with advanced adrenal fatigue. There is also a potential risk of chromium toxicity.

See the article Holy Basil for AF for more information.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is one of those herbs that will give you more energy. However, this stimulating in order to create more energy can backfire, especially for advanced cases.

See the article Rhodiola for AF for more information.


Maca is another herb often used for adrenal fatigue treatment. Unfortunately, is also falls into the catagory of stimulant.

See the article Maca for AF for comments from users, an explanation of it's affects on hormones, etc.


Licorice is probably the most recommended herb for adrenal fatigue. If has been shown to boost a couple of adrenal hormones. It can help with salt retention.

See the article Licorice for AF an explanation of it's affects on hormones, etc.


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