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Coffee Enemas for Adrenal Fatigue

  • Toxins accumulate with chronic stress
  • Coffee Enemas make detoxification much easier

You gradually accumulate toxins during years of chronic stress.

Improving your ability to clear of toxins is an important part of adrenal fatigue treatment and recovery.

In 2011, I started to learn about copper toxicity after seeing someone on the adrenal fatigue forum have great success by working on copper detoxification.

The article Copper and Adrenal Fatigue explains how chronic stress and adrenal fatigue results in an accumulation of toxins. The article is about excess copper, but the concepts apply to any toxin. You simply do not eliminate toxins very well when you are stuck in a state of stress.

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Do Coffee Enemas stimulate the Adrenals?

  • Compared to drinking coffee, less caffeine enters the blood stream

I was very reluctant to start coffee enemas. It seemed like a bad idea since it might stimulate my adrenals glands too much.

However .... I was assured that it was not too stimulating, and very important to help stimulate the release of bile from the liver and gallbladder.

A 2013 study found that caffeine absorbed from coffee enemas was 3.5X less than oral coffee1. So some is absorbed, but not nearly as much as drinking it.

If you do them properly, not much is absorbed.

  • Lay on your right side or back (not your left side like a regular enema)
  • Only retain for 12-15 minutes. It seems that the longer you retain, the more you absorb
  • Don't use too much water. The recipes usually call for about 2 cups of water.

Some people report that if they do coffee enemas in the evening, they have a hard time getting to sleep. It doesn't seem to have the affect on me.

In summary, they can be a little stimulating, but not nearly as much as drinking coffee. The fact that they help clear toxins makes it worth some minor stimulation.

Detox Before Coffee Enemas

A great book to learn about stress, copper toxicity, and adrenal fatigue is:
Why Am I Always So Tired , by Ann-Louise Gittleman.

After reading this book, I decided to try working on copper detox.

Great book on Copper Toxicity

Why Am I Always So Tired?

I switched from high copper foods, to high zinc foods. And I started to 50-mg of zinc per day.

What this does is motivate copper to come out of storage in order to maintain your copper:zinc ratio.

The copper detox symptoms were brutal .... Insomnia, balance problems, psoriasis, and many more.

See the article Copper Detox Symptoms for more details.

My liver was completely overloaded with copper coming out of storage. I had almost white bowel movements on some days.

Basically, if your bowel movements are not dark, you have insufficient bile release. Bile is used to digest fats, and to eliminate many toxins.

When I stopped taking zinc, detox symptoms would stop.

It seemed my my ability to clear toxins was very limited. I had to stop taking zinc, and work on copper detox more slowly.

Detox With Coffee Enemas

  • Detox became much easier after coffee enemas

I switched to the Nutritional Balancing program. It is an adrenal fatigue treatment protocol that focuses on detoxification and mineral balancing.

Coffee enemas are a key part of the program, at least under the protocol of Dr Larry Wilson .

So what happened when I started coffee enemas? .... all of a sudden I could tolerate zinc.

Insomnia, nausea, balance problems, and other detox symptoms greatly improved within a couple of days.

There is no question that coffee enemas greatly reduce detox symptoms. This allows you to work on detoxification more quickly, which is an important part of adrenal fatigue treatment and recovery.

Dr. Gonzalez

The following video by Dr Gonzales explains how helpful they are with detoxification.

Dr Gonzales has had great success using coffee enemas as part of treatment for Pancreatic Cancer 2,4. He uses coffee enemas for detoxification support during cancer treatment.


Detoxification is an important part of adrenal fatigue treatment. After years of chronic stress, you will have accumulated many toxins.

In addition to Meditation and several other lifestyle changes, you should consider making detoxification part of your treatment protocol.

Coffee Enemas make detoxification much easier to handle. They can be a little stimulating, but not nearly as stimulating as drinking coffee.

Detoxification can take a long time. The article Detox Trends shows trends of heavy metals in my hair over a couple of years.

Good luck, whatever protocol you are trying.

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If you are Female, please answer .... 3 quick Questions about
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