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The goal of this site is to help you.

Possibly are on this site to achieve the following:

* Understand the Symptoms you may be experiencing

* Confirmation that what you are going through is actually Adrenal Fatigue

* Hope that you can actually recover from adrenal fatigue.

* Gain knowledge of treatment options...what works..what doesn't

I have spent years on adrenal fatigue forums. I always enjoyed helping someone connect the dots. However, on the forums, I keep having to explain the same things over and over again to newbies.

Hence ...the reason for this site. To help people like yourself figure out what this heck is going on, which symptoms are common and why, and provide some advice on how to get your life back.

Is My Adrenal Fatigue Journey Like Yours?

Not everyone has the exact same path. But my path is fairly common.

Prior to 2000, I went through years of being hard working, a competitive athlete, and pushing myself to the limit in many ways.

I felt super-human for many years. I could take more stress than normal. This was Stage 2 of the General Adaptation Syndrome, where your body has adapted to chronic stress and is actually able to produce above normal levels of adrenal hormones.

However, around the year 2000, I started to slip into what is known as Stage 3, where the adrenals can no longer keep up with the demands of chronic stress. I had a major crash in 2003.

I tried conventional doctors (probably like you) . I had many tests completed, but they always came back negative. It is very common that conventional doctors cannot find any problems.

I started having severe energy crashes, muscle cramps, anxiety/panic attacks, and many more symptoms.

After being told it was all in my head, I started looking for answers elsewhere. It didn't seem likely that I suddenly became a hypochondriac at the age of 35.

The article My Adrenal Fatigue Family discusses how adrenal fatigue is hereditary. It is the main reason I ended up with AF.

Discovering Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigue test

Someone on Curezone suggested I may have exhausted my adrenal glands. What ! What the heck does that mean?

I started looking into adrenal fatigue.

In 2004, I went to a local Naturopathic Doctor. He ordered a saliva test kit. It came back with a morning cortisol value of:
21.2 ng/ml (normal range: 3 - 8).

He told me he had never seen such a high cortisol level.....not a prize I wanted to win.

Here is the saliva test report (2004-07-16-feo-ZRT).

I spent years trying to figure it out. I tried every treatment protocol imaginable. Nothing seemed to be effective at calming my nervous system or lowering my cortisol.

I continued to get worse and worse over the years. Mostly because I knew absolutely nothing about stress and how it affects the body.

Adrenal Fatigue Doctors and Other Practitioners

In addition to trying many different types of supplements myself, depending on which book I read or web-site I stumbled upon, I also worked with many health practitioners.

It is hard trying to figure this out on your own. I kept hoping I would find a practitioner that would have all the answers.

Here is a list of the types of practitioners I have worked with:

  • Two Local Naturopathic Doctors
  • I tried the James Wilson protocol....a couple of times. His book is a great introduction, but I can honestly say I have never seen his supplements work for anyone
  • Local Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • Worked with one local Homeopath
  • World class Homeopathy via phone and email
  • Flew to California to see a doctor named Dr Mariano. He was on a few forums discussing adrenal fatigue.
  • Flew to Washington, DC to see Dr. Rind. He has some good information on adrenal fatigue.
  • Worked with Dr. Lam for a couple of years (very popular adrenal fatigue doctor)
  • Learned how many symptoms are related to chronic subconscious hyperventilation. Started practicing Buteyko Breathing Technique. This was actually a huge help, but didn't solve everything.
  • Learned about Copper Toxicity from the Book Why Am I always so Tired, by Ann-Louise Giddleman. One of the ladies on Curezone had made great progress by focusing on reducing copper toxicity.
  • Worked directly with Ann-Louise Giddleman for about 8 months. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis did indeed show very high copper... .and climbing.
  • Switched to Nutritional Balancing, which focuses on copper toxicity, and more. This is the program originally started by Dr Paul Eck. You can read about this program in the Nutritional Balancing section of the site. I saw this program helping people that nothing worked for. They started to get better with this program.
  • As of 2014, I am still on the Nutritional Balancing program. Currently a lot of copper is being eliminated, as evidenced by my hair analysis. I am very hopeful since I can actually see the toxins being eliminated in the hair analysis.
  • It took me a few year to understand that it is not all about what supplements you take. Adrenal Fatigue recovery has a lot to do with eliminating all sources of stress.

Making Great Progress

  • Not 100%, but many symptoms gone, and getting better all the time.

I am making amazing progress. There are so many symptoms that I don't have anymore.

It will take a while to undo the damage from the stressed state I was stuck in since birth.
(See Is Adrenal Fatigue Hereditary?).

But I continue to get better and better. Here is a list of the symptoms that I had for years, and are now gone:

  • No more afternoon energy crashes.
  • No Anxiety.
  • No more heart palpitations
  • No brain fog
  • No more dry scaly skin
  • I am sweating again. I did not sweat for years.
  • No hypervigilence (exaggerated startle response)
  • No longer constantly worry about everything
  • No more bone pain / ache
  • No more muscle cramps
  • No more salt cravings
  • No more air hunger or shortness of breath
  • Reduced urinary urgency. Fluids do not pass straight through me like they used to.
  • No more nasal drip, or plugged sinus
  • No more light sensitivity
  • No more bloating and constant gas
  • No more dark circles under my eyes
  • No more tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • No more cold Hands and Feet (cold extremities)
  • No more heat sensitivity. Intolerant of high temperatures.
  • No more electrosenstivity

Why Anonymous?

I keep anonymous on this site. I do not want my employer or potential employers seeing that I have health baggage.

If I become independently wealthy :)......I'll stop being anonymous on this site.

How Site Makes Money? far it is losing money :)....but that is not really the point of the site.

Priorities for the site are:

  1. Help people like you that are I did for years
  2. Help myself. The more research I do, the more I learn, the more I can help myself
  3. Eventually, if I can make a bit of money off the site....that would be nice too.

I do make some a little money from ads placed on the site.

However, my top priority is to give people information that might connect the dots for them.

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